Posted by: Katie | May 16, 2010

The End of an Era

‘Recalled to Life’ – Charles Dickens – A Tale Of Two Cities.

‘All good things come to and end’ I was told, and it is true. It is now time to end my musings and meanderings.

Whilst I am still confused, I am no longer a housewife, so the title is incorrect. The blog is rarely visited, so there is really no reason to continue.

I re-read all the posts with tears in my eyes for the memories of my second life over the last two years. It was only a journey through time now gone, and life still goes on, moves forward and takes us to new places.

I will miss Seashore, a lot. It has been my home for the last three years, one of the first beautiful places that I found in SL. It will be my home for a little while longer but then, like everything else, it will be gone.

I need to rest. Recuperation and time to rethink what, if anything, I am in SL for now.

I will not delete this blog. Unfortunately, you cannot delete life memories (in whatever life) so it will float around in the ‘internet ether’ for eternity.

For those who read my posts here, thank you for being interested in my/our life. I wish you all ever happiness and hope that your SL experience continues to be what you want it to be.

I will leave, as always, with music. Goodbye and ‘Goddess bless’ to you all. Sleep well and dream happy! xx

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop. ~Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

Posted by: Katie | May 8, 2010

Sweet? Me? Nah…

Not any more!!

Posted by: Katie | May 5, 2010

When My Mind is Still

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I remember things too easily forgotten:
The purity of early love,
The maturity of unselfish love that asks –
desires – nothing but another’s good,
The idealism that has persisted through all the tempest of life.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I can find a quiet assurance, an inner peace, in the core of my being.
It can face the doubt, the loneliness, the anxiety,
Can accept these harsh realities and can even grow
Because of these challenges to my essential being.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I can sense my basic humanity,
And then I know that all men and women are my brothers and sisters.
Nothing but my own fear and distrust can separate me from the love of friends.
If I can trust others, accept them, enjoy them,
Then my life shall surely be richer and more full.
If I can accept others, this will help them to be more truly themselves,
And they will be more able to accept me.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I know how much life has given me

Posted by: Katie | May 2, 2010


“You will find other kind
That has been in search of you
Many lives have brought you to
Recognise it’s your life now in review

As you stay for the play
Fantasy has in store for you
A glowing light will see you through
It’s your day shining day
All your dreams come true

As you glide in your stride
With the wind as you fly away
Give a smile from your lips and say
Are you free yes I’m free
And I’m on my way”

Posted by: Katie | May 1, 2010


My philosophy is a mixture of the three famous schools
the Cynics, the Stoics and the Epicureans and all three can be summed up in the famous phrase..

“You can’t trust any bugger further than you can throw him, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so let’s have a drink.”

Posted by: Katie | April 28, 2010

Two years ago today was one of the happiest days of my life.

Today, I would prefer to remove the date from the calender.

Why is it that you always make discoveries after the event? There are words I didn’t need to see and things I didn’t want to know.

Meine Ruh’ ist hin,
Meine Herz ist schwer

Posted by: Katie | April 20, 2010

Theory of a Dead (Wo)Man

Posted by: Katie | April 9, 2010

Fluid Frollicks

If your feeling sad, mad, bad or had, or even if your on top of the world, get yourself down to FLUID.

I wasn’t going last night, had other plans, but the messages coming through were so outrageous that I just had to call in and see what the hell was going on!

Zhoom, as usual, was being, well, just Zhoom. The guy is nuts but I love him to bits (in the nicest possible way Mafy!). He had been out shopping on his own, always fatal.

The results were hysterical. I CAN’T post the picture here, but we found Bin Laden!

The event degenerated rapidly after that. We spend the next hour ducking flying penises and flappy boobs, dancing the Macarana (I eventually got three)  and just being totally crazy.

Guys, I seem to have known you forever and not once have you failed to make me smile.  I fell asleep laughing.

Your all insane and I wouldn’t want you any other way.

(If anyone has a NON obscene photo please pass it to me.)  😀

Posted by: Katie | March 31, 2010

Standing my ground

I recently removed some posts because I was told they were inappropriate. After some thought I have decided:

This is my space. My place to do and say whatever I wish. I will write / attach / post whatever I want here. It is up to me to decide how I deal with my thoughts, feeling and emotions. If you do not like what I have to say then you are free to leave.

There is a small cross in the right hand corner that can be used for anyone who finds their way here and feels that whatever I say is offensive. If that applies to you, then please use it!

Posted by: Katie | March 28, 2010

A New Me!

Taken by my lovely friend without me even knowing, I love this photograph.

Thank you so much BlueAngel. You are amazing  in many many ways.. 😀

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