Posted by: Katie | July 13, 2008

First Call, what the hell am I doing??

After reading many, writing some, (not at all related to SL) and pondering for a while, I decided to, at last, start my own diary account of my life in SL. Will it be interesting? who knows, but no one is forcing you to read it! 🙂

For those who do not know me, which are many, I am a long term resident of the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating, world of Second Life. Much has been written and discussed about the good and bad of this online world, so I will not add to the theories here, just say that, so far, most of my residency has been enjoyable, informative and pleasant.

Am I a confused housewife? somewhat, maybe. I am also a club owner (who in SL isn’t now) of Negresco and Amarage, both sadly neglected over the last few weeks, and an almost mother. Maybe it’s the hormones (hormoans?) that have driven me to write this totally uninteresting account!

After many months of wandering aimlessly, I opened Club Amarage, and via friends made there, eventually met my wonderful husband (who will remain nameless until I get his permission – he doesn’t have a clue that I am rambling about our life here), and together, we then opened our second club, Negresco.  (pictures to follow when I find out how the hell I add them!)  We live, happly usually, at Seashore Estates, an island I would recommend to anyone who wants tranquillity, annoninimity, and friendly discreet neigbours.

And that, as they say, is my background in a nutshell 🙂 I am now going to search the help topics and add some interesting pictures (I hope)!!




  1. Hi. I just recently started up a blog about my SL experiences too, though I’m much younger in SL than you. Anyway, I found you on the tag surfer and wanted to say hi.

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