Posted by: Katie | July 15, 2008

A Sorry State of Affairs…….

Sometimes, doesn’t it all seem pointless?

I have had much time on my hands recently, to sit about and chat to friends instead of working. One friend told me the sorry tale of her long term SL partner being found to be having a second, second life, in that he was having another relationship, as an alt!

Not having the decency to tell her he had met someone else, or perhaps wanting to have ‘the best of both world’s’ twice, he blithely set up an alternate account and proceeded to decieve her with another. What a Bas**rd! 

How did she find out? Well, as in real life, there is always someone who cannot wait to tell a sorry tale. He made the mistake of telling someone of his secret and that someone haired over and told his partner. Too right too! How would we feel if this was happening to us and friends knew, but kept it from us? I would be devastated that so called ‘friends’ would allow this to happen. She really cared about this man, and yes, it is a virtual world, but behind each avatar, doll, dummy, image, call it what you will, there is a real person with real feelings.

The outcome? she told him exactly what she thought of his little games, deleted him and all associated with him from her ‘life’ and went out on a spree! Of course she is upset, unhappy, and hurt to the core, but good on her for having the courage to rid herself of this lying cheat! I hope she does eventually meet a decent sort here, if that’s what she wants, and manages to forget quickly such a waste of her time!

It does make one wonder though……………..



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