Posted by: Katie | July 21, 2008

Why Is It Acceptable????

Earlier today, on my trawl around ‘blogs I enjoy reading’ I came across a post about alt’s. For the uninitiated, alts are alternate accounts, multiple accounts held by one person. I was about to leave a very stinging comment, when the post disappeared, which indicates to me that either the poster saw sense or was embarrased about what they had written.

We are all allowed to have our own opinions, that’s what I love in our free world, so, for the record, here is my ‘twopennorth’ as they say.

WHY? WHY? WHY? there is no need, not a one, for anyone to hold more than one account here. To build? just set busy and get on with it. To hide? dont log on. There is only one reason for an alternate account, and that is to deceive. Be this business, personal, or relationship wise, that is the only reason.

My only real complaints against Linden Labs are:

1. Allowing free accounts – Almost all other online worlds have no such thing. And why should some of us have to pay to help maintain free accounts? By all means, allow a months free trial, but stop all free accounts! All this manages to do is boost the figures, and allow griefers to make mulitiple av’s to carry on annoying people. If you wanna play here, at least do so with SOME responsibility!

2. Allowing ‘Alts’.  As you are able to have as many accounts for free as you choose, the number of ‘alternate’ accounts grows. And I hate it!! Yes, this is a virtual world, and anyone can be whatever they want to be here, but there are still REAL people behind these dummies, real people who do not need, for whatever reason, to be part of deception and mind games! Here, I am me, the same as I am in my RL in attitude. I don’t ‘play games’ with peoples feelings and I don’t expect them to do that to me. What you see, is what you get, as I state in my (SL) profile. A good friend of mine was severely hurt by some fool thinking that it was fun to play games with her. If you want a relationship, do so reponsibly. Bored? move on for god sake, don’t make another account. For whatever the reason I cannot think of one good excuse as to why an alternate account is needed!

As you may have guessed, I have a severe dislike of deception (and, for those of you who know my RL profession, that will take some believing I know!) but it is true, I am me, and that is my opinion. Others will differ and all are allowed to hold their own views, just dont try to change mine! Trust is all we have to work with – in BOTH worlds – once dented, then it can never be fully restored!!



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  2. Hello Katie!
    I totally agree with you about this question.
    In fact, the post you had read disappeared. Sometimes it is better we stay quiet and in silence…

  3. Olá Sonia,

    Thank you for the comment, I appreciate your remarks, however, in my view it is only for the better to stay quiet and in silence if no one gets hurt by doing so!
    It is usually better still to be open and honest. 🙂

  4. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. As everyone knows, I have alts. I had them first because I needed them to make shifts at camping boards. I kept them because I sometimes am in a particular mood and they have their particular states of mind. And yes, I sometimes use them just not to be floaded with unpleasant and aggressive IMs and am simply able to lead a somewhat illusion of normal lives going to concerts and minding my own business. Life is not necessarily back & white, Katie, but surely every perspective of it is allowed the light of day 😀

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