Posted by: Katie | July 29, 2008

Anniversary Waltz

It was our three month wedding anniversary yesterday, and we celebrated with a party at Amarage. Almost all of our closest friends came over at some point to pass on their good wishes. Why celebrate after three months? Why not! This is Second Life, time spent together is limited although the time does seems to expand somehow.

One friend said it is the ‘Factor 5’ effect meaning that every month is times five RL months. Well, I dont know about that, it would mean that my hubby has put up with my moaning, wittering, chattering and questions for over 15 months 🙂 He MUST be really patient!!!!

Thanks to Zhoom and Freddyx for providing the music, and to Blue, Renee, Winter, Summer, Mami (your are always there for us Mami!!) Raffi, Dyan and Del (I love you both) Rachad, and everyone else ho came or sent their wishes. You made our special night even happier!

To my wonderful husband, I want to say, thank you darling for three months of married bliss. I love you always and forever.

(If I missed your name above, its not ungratefulness, I had soo many IM’s it was hard to see anyone for IM boxes :)) just tell me off in the comments below!!


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