Posted by: Katie | August 12, 2008

Smile ?

When I am not working I spend much of my rl time alone. I don’t mind this, indeed, I enjoy the solitude, and am rarely lonely. Most of my social occassions are work related, and sometimes, when my daughter arrives home, we enjoy a fun filled evening on the town (no, I am not too old, and no, she isn’t embarassed to be seen with me!)

Today though, I realised that, this week I have not smiled. Nothing has made me smile, in fact, it has been a somewhat miserable week so far. I think my smile is broken! which got me thinking. Who do we go to, to help mend a smile? I know how to mend a broken heart (lot’s of practice there) and the sandman mends bad dreams, but who mends smiles??

Any suggestions?



  1. Try if possible a puppy dog for companion, they are joyable and very funny and dont be lonely… :mrgreen:

  2. Keep smiling…
    Blessed be

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