Posted by: Katie | August 27, 2008


I have had an interesting weekend, very little of it was spent inworld due to family events, and one conversation we had sitting around chatting over a glass of wine (red – only, ever) got me thinking.

The conversation turned to beauty, or rather, the way that beauty fades with age. As we all know, the fresh bloom of youth does not last, we all get older, nothing can be done to stop that sadly, and with age comes, not only experience, in some cases, but wrinkles, lines, and a tendancy for the body to follow the pull of gravity and head South.

Part of the discussion included what we did, in varying forms, to help halt this natural proceedure. Beauty creams were discussed, and I had to admit that anyone who visited my dressing room (posh name for one of the spare bedrooms piled high with my junk) would soon see that I am an advertisers dream! I have creams, lotions and potions to cover almost every aspect of the aging process. From breast rejuvinators to eye highlighters, hand creams to the latest anti-aging miracle formula, it could, some nights, take me a half hour just to get ready for bed, indeed, it is probably just as well that I sleep alone. If anyone grabbed me for a quick cuddle I would likely slide away faster that a London ‘Wide Boy’ ;p

 A quick scan of the ladies present showed that I was not alone! We had all at some point been seduced by the claims of miracle creams 😉  Then the conversation turned to * Katie quickly glances around to make sure no one is listening* Face lifts!!! Hmmm, yes, well. Never discussed, and always shunned as obsessive and ‘sheer vanity’. Is it? are we vain?

Inworld, we spend huge amounts of real life money to look good. Clothes and skins are the best sellers. I would not leave the house in RL wearing any old thing, I spend far too much on clothes, but, it’s for a reason. Looking good makes me feel good, gives me confidence. The same applies inworld. I don’t actually want to BE younger, god forbid that I had to go through all that again, but where is it written that we should just ‘age’?

Someone said ‘grow old gracefully’. Utter rubbish! I want to grow old DISgracefully. I want to do, see, touch, feel and experience everthing I feel the impulse to do (well, maybe some restraint on the ‘touch’ bit ;p ) I have no intentions of buying a bath chair and taking up knitting just yet! Am I vain? probably! Do I care? not a hoot!

Would I ever have a facelift? Too bloody right I would, if I thought it would make me feel better, and if, by some miracle, there is ever a chance that I can take the necessary 4 weeks recovery period off work, ad gather together the huge amount of money it would cost, then who knows????? 🙂


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