Posted by: Katie | September 11, 2008

Save a Child’s Heart?

I have been feeling a bit down over the last few days, pressures of RL work, sad news about friends, family demands and probably not seeing any sunshine for the last 6 weeks. In the doldrums and feeling sorry for myself. 🙂

Then something happened to make me realise just how lucky I am!

could you resist that smile?

could you resist that smile?

As some of you may (or may not) know, as well as my RL jobs I am an internet marketer. It would take too long to explain in detail what that entails, but basically, I have websites that I use to sell things online. Mostly, information products. One marketer who has helped me a lot is Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian.

Dr. Mani, as he is known, is a very successful internet marketer (yes, you can make your fortune this way with dedication and commitment) but more than that, he is a children’s heart surgeon. Dr. Mani uses the income he receives from IM, and donations from marketers, to perform heart surgery for children who would otherwise die due to lack of the funds ($3000 – that’s all it costs, but for some it may as well be $3 million).

I am one of his regular donors. Just $5 a month was all he asked for and I gave it willingly, via paypal, every month. BUT, every year Dr. Mani has a 24 hour session online to increase the donations. He pledges to stay awake, answering questions and giving advice in exchange for small donations for his ‘Heart Kid’s’.

He asks all the internet marketers he knows to pass out information about his ‘blogathon’ and, knowing him and his absolute dedication to these children, we do so with pleasure. This year he is holding a ‘Tweetathon’. I don’t have much idea about Twitter, never having used it yet, but, I do know about Dr. Mani, Soooo, I am promoting his site to increase awareness of his work saving the lives of these children.

I will be making a further donation for this important work, BUT, this isn’t a con and no one is trying to part you from your money. The work that Dr. Mani does for these children is just so important that I want to spread the word! And besides, who could resist those delightful smiles!

Please take a look at the site. I know for many the items on offer will make no sense, but even so, your visit will raise the profile of the website, and increased traffic will move it up the search engines, helping Dr. Mani to spread the word even further about his work with his ‘Heart kids’

How the hell could I continue feeling sorry for myself after seeing those little faces! 🙂



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