Posted by: Katie | October 6, 2008

Inside Me

I have been writing in blogs for a number of years now, some all about internet marketing, some not.

Sitting in this huge empty building, I realised that nothing was really relevant in the non marketing blogs any more, so, away they went, deleted. Some memories are worth saving and some are better let go. 😉

I have linked to my new blog, started today. “Inside me” is just that, the me there behind the me here.

I ramble on, I know I do, and this is where I allow the ramblings out of my head, to make space for the new ones which inevitably follow, day after day.

Probably just a load of nonesense, but, it’s MY nonesense.



  1. You and your opinions are very important. There is only one you. For some tips on loving your journey, please check out my blog at Welcome back to your own world that you chose to create!

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