Posted by: Katie | October 13, 2008

Missing Friends

We lost a friend on Friday. Margarita Philbin who I met via Amarage and who liked me enough to offer her friendship and who I liked enough to want to accept.

Elegant, sophisticated and refined, I always admired Margarita’s sense of fun and style. She was usually one of the first to offer a kind word and I will miss her. I am told that this was her most favourite flower.

Rest gently Maggie. I cannot be there today to say goodbye, nor tomorrow to celebrate your life, and nor should I.  I did not know you other than from our second life, but I will miss your smiles. xx



  1. She had the most beautifull smile.

  2. Thanks Katie,

    That in the darkest time
    there is a hope of another day;
    that in the time of suffering,
    we shall know release;
    That beauty is transient,
    and though we honour it while it flowers,
    yet do we give great honour
    to that which endures and abides:
    Love, Amor ou Domi ( in tétum)
    Honour, Honra
    Wisdom, Visão
    Truth, Verdade,
    Courage, Coragem
    and Compassion (aquilo que nos falta a todos).

    Blessed be.

    PS: Soube-me bem encontrar o Aggio!

  3. Elora,
    Welcome. To you good wishes and happy memories, but only time will make the bad days good.

    Fokas, beautiful words, from the heart!

    Blessed be

    PS: ?

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