Posted by: Katie | December 14, 2008


This is becoming a blog of music! But, this one says what I want to say, so, for now, music it will be…

Without your touch, I’ve
been lost without the
things I love.
Without your kiss, I’ve
been dreaming of the things
I miss.
Your eyes, your mouth, your
lips, your touch;
Your eyes, your mouth, your
face, your touch;
Who am I,
I’m not to tell,
Of what will be
No one knows
Who am I
I’m not to tell
What will be, well
Let it be…..



  1. Nothing wrong with a music blog, I’d say ahaha. Here and there, some tunes express exactly what we feel, so why not just use it ?

    And I soooo love this guy! Awesome voice, amazing songs, and a rare ability to express feelings through both of them! Saw him live once and for sure will never ever forget it !

    Thank you for helping my day start in a great way, Katie, mwahh!

    • I adore Seal, always have, I was listening to his music when I made this post, he is one of my favourite artists. Next time, take me with you!!

  2. Or me with you !!! Deal ! 😀

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