Posted by: Katie | January 2, 2009

A Life Lost

I found out yesterday that someone I once cared about, recently died. In the most horrific way, when he was found in his home he had been dead for three weeks. It made me so sad to hear such news. Where was his family, his children, over the Christmas period?

Whilst for many a year we have had nothing more than a ‘hello’ when meeting in the street, he was once a part of my life, and it is a shock to think that he is now no longer of this earth.

Once a vigourous, intelligent, sensual and lively man, full of fun and laughter, he was reduced to a shambling wreck, old, old before his time, because of an addiction to alcohol. How sad that someone can waste their life this way, can be so utterly addicted to something that it causes them to lose their family, live alone and experience such an untimely and lonely demise.

I am no better in some ways, currently fighting an addiction to cigarettes. I will achieve success, have to, my life is worth far more than a puff of smoke!

I posted this in the wrong place, but will not move it as it has comments.



  1. that’s terrible. but i know how you feel. ive been in your shoes and it aint pretty. the difference is that the person you lost was older than you, while in my case he was younger. he was 3 years younger than me. he died in a traffic accident being crushed by a fully loaded van right on the chest.
    he was such a good guy, his life quality was way better than me, but he left too soon.
    his ghost has haunted me and all his close friends ever since.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you peace and happiness.

  3. Mmm… I tend to think people make their own choices in life. Therefore, nothing to regret. Maybe drinking was the only thing that was left for him, after life has taught him what he had to learn at this stage. Maybe I became too harsh, but the idea of dying alone doesn’t shock me the least. Better than be surrounded by a so-called family who couldn’t care less.

  4. You know Summer, I really do think that you are right on that. Even so, I would not like to think that I was layed there for 3 weeks without anyone noticing, even if the family didn’t care too much about me.

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