Posted by: Katie | January 13, 2009


Ok, I admit it, I was a little bit miserable yesterday. Imagine forgetting my own rez day! Plus, it had been a day of RL hell, everything that could have gone wrong, did.

I mooched around the club (more on that later) whilst we decided what went where, slightly moody, and even my love was quiet and distracted.

Then little things started arriving. A lovely, thoughtful message, then another, a pretty gift, another message. Somewhat cheered, I agreed to us returning home, to find

Landing at the house, even before I could see, I was greeted with shouts of ‘congratulations’, more gifts, (El, I love the black pearls, Blue, the cloak is just what I wanted, and the tree is so clever and versatile, thanks Winter) hugs, blessings, kisses and a sweet message from a little doll, a beautiful photograph which I will post here soon, I love it! (thank you again Win) and even a special ‘gesture’, made by Clad the ‘smart ass’ 😉 who was accompanied by his lovely new wife Sonya. Congratulations you two, I only just found out!

Zhoom even kept his clothes on! There is something to be said for a last minute arrangement 🙂

You are all wonderful! every single one of you. You made a bad day good, cheered up a sulky me and sent me off to sleep smiling. I love you all for your thoughtfulness, your kindnesses and caring, but mostly, for making me feel as if I am welcomed and accepted.

Thanks to many of you for putting up with my lack of language learning, and always speaking to me in English if you can ( I am still trying – honestly!) Thank you for being there, and thank you all for being who you are.

I was so pleased to see you all, even cousin Fokas came and sent me lovely greetings (it was specially nice to see you Fokas.) Friends are a treat and a joy in life, I am so happy that I have so many!

And for my special man, thank you for arranging the suprise and for all that you do to make our life together so delightful! I love you :**



  1. You are really welcomed and accepted, it’s not just your feeling!!! 🙂 We really mean it. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it, it was all arranged by you “special man”. 🙂

  2. It is all deserved!

  3. I have been away of blog reading and just saw this *blushes
    You deserve the best Katie and I am still waiting for you to come to Lisbon. You’ll see that friends are not only on pixel world 😉

  4. See? who could ask for more!

    El, your always so kind, always, what a wonderful person you are!

    Blueeee, I did, I did, and I know you always help with everything, to make it that bit more special, thank you.

    And Winter, thank you for yet another invitation to visit your lovely country. If only work would allow, sadly not just yet, but who knows, maybe one day 🙂

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