Posted by: Katie | January 21, 2009




We still need dancers, but it has started well! We opened the doors on Monday 19th January, and were delighted to welcome so many of our friends to the new club.

We have the lovely and elegant BlueAngel Lungu as one of our very capable hostesses, most ably assisted by that cheeky minx, Mafalda Heinrichs. Be prepared for some fun banter when you get there, with these two!

VIDA’s delighful dancers, Artemis Short and Sonya Westland (Sonya had internet problems and couldn’t be with us, but we are eagerly awaiting her return) will thrill you with their champagne glass dance. Burlesque, in sparkling bubbles, it’s well worth watching.

Vida DJ, Clad gave an outstanding performance, overcoming the stream issues and spinning the sounds well over his allotted time, Thanks Clad!!

And tonight, DJ Electro will be bringing a whole new sound to VIDA. Come and join us at 2pm SL time, and be astonished!

Look out for our itinerary, we have even more excellent DJ’s all lined up and waiting to play for you! Check it HERE



  1. Everything went according to plan, and we had quite a crowd. I hope the same happens today. We will even have a substitute for Sonya as a dancer, Kanne Bazno. And we still need an xploder 🙂

  2. A new dancer? when did that happen?

    I have a xploder, I just need to visit somewhere to find out what it is called, blooming inventory!! 🙂

  3. Mami built the xploder for Fluid, and it works even at a distance. I know that, because I received some lindens yesterday while at Vida. So it’s rather good. Maybe we can ask her to do one for us.

  4. Heavy Metal? WOW

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