Posted by: Katie | April 2, 2009

The Fight

So, I was aimlessly wandering, as I am wont to do sometimes, when I came upon a gypsy caravan, complete with outdoor washtub. It was sooo cute, so I called Aggio over to come see it.

After he has managed to wash most of his innerwear, he discovered some new poses which he wanted to try. Here are the results!


We found ourselves in the middle of a huge fight! Shouting and raving at each other. Foot tapping, arms folded, I ranted on and on, whilst he pointed, shouted and then gave me such a huge push! Feeling rather angry by now, I hit a button and *SLAP*! He retaliated by grabbing my shoulders and shaking me.


Actually, we were both laughing so much it hurt. Such fun poses are found so very rarely I just had to take photos.

We also managed to find a sweet pose in the caravan, and so ended the row with a cuddle.




  1. Poor me, slapped and being foot tapped 🙂

  2. You started it! :p

  3. What a strange fight… :mrgreen:

  4. Can always repeat it at the drama zone in Owls… and end up in a mud fight 😉

  5. Mud, mud glorious mud!! 😀

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