Posted by: Katie | April 9, 2010

Fluid Frollicks

If your feeling sad, mad, bad or had, or even if your on top of the world, get yourself down to FLUID.

I wasn’t going last night, had other plans, but the messages coming through were so outrageous that I just had to call in and see what the hell was going on!

Zhoom, as usual, was being, well, just Zhoom. The guy is nuts but I love him to bits (in the nicest possible way Mafy!). He had been out shopping on his own, always fatal.

The results were hysterical. I CAN’T post the picture here, but we found Bin Laden!

The event degenerated rapidly after that. We spend the next hour ducking flying penises and flappy boobs, dancing the Macarana (I eventually got three)  and just being totally crazy.

Guys, I seem to have known you forever and not once have you failed to make me smile.  I fell asleep laughing.

Your all insane and I wouldn’t want you any other way.

(If anyone has a NON obscene photo please pass it to me.)  😀


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