Posted by: Katie | March 24, 2010


I will still be around for a while. But probably not in all the places we used to meet, so this is just a goodbye to my many Portuguese friends.

Love you all, I will miss you, call me sometimes?

Goodnight, godess bless xx

Posted by: Katie | January 20, 2010

All Change

When you ask for changes you sure get ’em!

My Aggio scared me almost to death when he turned up with his ‘new look’. It was more of a shock than a surprise, but, being him, compromises were made and I quite like his ‘new’ new look now.

Then, another surprise, for my birthday, this time one that instantly made me smile. We have a ‘holiday home’. In Portucalis. It’s beautiful, calm, relaxing and huge! Pictures will follow shortly …..

Posted by: Katie | September 2, 2009

Tempus Fugit

It really does. 4 months! Have I had NOTHING to say for the last 4 months? So many things happened. Vida closed, we don’t seem to visit SL as often now, I opened more stores, they are working (suprise!) I started ‘Sins’ with friends and then left.

Lot’s happening, I just didn’t manage to keep up with here, which is a shame really because I liked the visitors. They have, however, still wandered in, quietly, without me noticing, they have stopped by and then left, probably disappointed to see the same old messages.

Well, perhaps I should try harder! That’s what they usually say in school’s anyway 🙂

tempus fugit1

Posted by: Katie | April 30, 2009


I love them, they remind me of only happy things. Fitting then that I awoke to this song today, which is now reverberating inside my head. Dontcha just hate that!!

Suits my mood today though. Listen to the words.

Posted by: Katie | April 27, 2009

Travels …..

It was suggested that I make a diary of my travels, but there was one problem with that, I had no PC access. Instead, I will have to try to summarise the whole trip in some lines and words. Where to start, what to say, how to explain. Are there even words to do so? I doubt it. But, I will try.

The arrival was nervewracking, but only for a few moments. Strolling nonchalantly out of the airport I didn’t see anyone (because I forgot my glasses) but they saw me and I was soon enveloped in hugs, kisses and beautiful flowers. A whirlwind hour of finding the studio, watching the sights, settling and then off to have drinks by the river, where I marveled, chatted about anything and everything and was made to feel so comfortable by my wonderful friends.

the river

Time flew by, the sunshine faded and all too soon it was time to return to my ‘home for the visit’, to unpack, and to discover that the months didn’t change anything.
My stay passed in a flurry of candlelit dinners, Fado music, visits, sights to see, food to try (there wasn’t anything I didn’t like) buses to catch, trams to admire, shopping, special gifts, and some of the best pastries I have ever tasted, all the better for being shared with friends.


All too soon it was Saturday, which turned out to be probably the best day of the visit. We went to a magical castle for the whole day, caught the end of the parade, visited a huge store, then returned home to prepare for the evening, to meet even more friends who shared home made food and movies. I could not possibly chose a favourite of the many dishes, but I think the cod in cream might just have the edge! And I finally got to meet the Magic family. Mami, it was a sheer delight to meet with you at long last, you are just as lovely as in SL. Indeed, everyone was. Friendly and welcoming. E, your home is so lovely, as are you, and I do hope you feel better soon.
I was presented with a gift, something I will treasure because of the people who made it and the memories it represents.

Then Sunday, time to prepare to leave. It was initially sad, but once again you all made it special, sharing a Sunday ceremony, and being there with me right to the time of the flight departure. I didn’t want to leave, but life dictates otherwise and so we said goodbye, and I reluctantly headed for the bording gate.


The broomstick was comfortable, and I arrived home tired but happy, with many memories of beautiful people. Two in particular, B and W, thank you for your kindness, for everything. You are delightful, full of fun and laughter, I love you and I cannot wait to meet you again.

Posted by: Katie | April 7, 2009

On a more serious note, SL Living

After the fun of the last two posts (of course the last one was for fun, if we had problems, I wouldn’t be sharing them here) :-O

Second Life Living was just something dreamed up as a trial, I wasn’t expecting it to become popular nor to be a base for some of the best designers in SL, which is what seems to have happened.

I purchased (and yes was given, thank you Corina) some of the featured products, cos I think it is always good to try them. When I saw the prices though, I must admit I was suprised, very pleasantly suprised. There is no reduction in qualty, in fact some are better than items I have paid L$100’s for! (I really must learn to kerb my spendthrift ways!)

I will be adding photographs once I get inworld to take them, and no, they will not be edited on Gimp and mutiples of me, I am just not good at that, but even so they will serve to show the sheer quality of the items featured.

Do check Second Life Living, It is becoming a popular base. There is a chat feature, blog and a page of your own to do with as you will, and we have very few rules there, just common courtesy really.

Posted by: Katie | April 6, 2009

A Plea to the Inspector

 a very brief,  brief

Dear Inspector Gadget Oliphone

Of late my husband has become somewhat obsessed by ladies in very skimpy underwear, they dominate his every thought, along with a very strange inflatable sheep and some other gadgets that I just cannot mention here!!

I know you are not a marriage guidance councillor, but as a very experienced, charismatic and insightful Inspector, I value your opinion on this obsession and what I should be doing about it.

I have a sheep suit, just in case, but I’m not sure which skimpy underwear is best to buy to reclaim his attention. I have problems finding any with the Euro logo.


I know much of this is caused by the very ungracious pants that SL deems ladies have to wear, they are almost as unpleasant as men’s boxer shorts. Not at all suitable for a night of romance and passion.

I would welcome your very gracious opinions on this matter.

a worried wife

Posted by: Katie | April 2, 2009

The Fight

So, I was aimlessly wandering, as I am wont to do sometimes, when I came upon a gypsy caravan, complete with outdoor washtub. It was sooo cute, so I called Aggio over to come see it.

After he has managed to wash most of his innerwear, he discovered some new poses which he wanted to try. Here are the results!


We found ourselves in the middle of a huge fight! Shouting and raving at each other. Foot tapping, arms folded, I ranted on and on, whilst he pointed, shouted and then gave me such a huge push! Feeling rather angry by now, I hit a button and *SLAP*! He retaliated by grabbing my shoulders and shaking me.


Actually, we were both laughing so much it hurt. Such fun poses are found so very rarely I just had to take photos.

We also managed to find a sweet pose in the caravan, and so ended the row with a cuddle.


Posted by: Katie | March 23, 2009

Gorgeous George (Almost)

not quite GM

Posted by: Katie | March 21, 2009

Always wanted to do this

I found the link and the invitation here, and in an instant….



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